What is AAUW Aiken Branch?

AAUW stands for the American Association of University Women and we are proud to be the Aiken Branch for the state and national organizations. The mission of AAUW is to work towards equity for women and girls. The Aiken Branch raises funds for education for all, with a focus on educating women.

Who Are We?

We are an active group of women and men with degrees from two-year colleges, four-year universities and graduate institutions. We count also on our many volunteers. We have members and volunteers of both genders; men are also welcome to join.

What Do We Do?

AAUW Aiken Branch is more than 65 years old! Since 1953, this branch has supported education and the Aiken community: it has helped to found the University of South Carolina at Aiken, created a children’s museum, raised money for international students, hosted a similar group from Russia, and donated money to many educational organizations in Aiken County. We support two scholarships at the University of South Carolina Aiken, several nursing students at Aiken Technical College, GED and high school readiness programs throughout the County, and we provide books for reading programs at every level, including pre-school.

How does Aiken Branch do this? For 59 years we have held a Book Fair during the first weekend in March. It began small; originally it was merely a book exchange in members’ homes. But it has grown. We now need some 25,000 square feet of space to hold the more than 80,000 books donated by residents of Aiken County and beyond. We collect donated books, Attic Treasures, music and everything imaginable except computers and clothes. We can accept donations anytime of the year. We start accepting book donations about five weeks before the Books 'n' Things Fair. We also hold other events and fundraisers throughout the year.

Why join? To support education in Aiken County, and because this interesting team of women make all the hard work fun!

Please join us!

What can I do? Join, Donate, Volunteer

Join us for events, meetings and our annual Books-N-Things Fair fundraiser. See the calendar on the Events page for activities including the Book Fair, and some of the groups we have supported over the years.

Although we are the American Association of University Women, men are members as well, and we could not do what we do without volunteers, both women and men, especially for our Book Fair!